Arrival and registration


8:00 am Registration
9:00 amOpening address
9:10 amHarald Schwalbe (Frankfurt Univ., DE) NMR Studies of Riboswitch RNA
10:00 amRolf Boelens (Utrecht Univ., NL) Structure and dynamics in gene regulation and DNA repair
10:50 amCoffee break
11:20 amFrédéric Allain (ETH Zürich, CH) NMR of protein-RNA complexes for understanding gene regulation
12:10 pmMichael Sattler (Univ. of Munich, DE) NMR analysis of molecular recognition in splicing regulation
1:00 pmLunch
2:00 amJuli Feigon (UCLA, USA) Telomerase and H/ACA RNA structure and function
2:50 pmEric Westhof (IBMC, Strasbourg, F) Non-Watson-Crick base pair and RNA motifs
3:40 pmCoffee break
4:10 pmChistopher Lima (Sloan-Kettering, New York, USA) Structure and Function of the Eukaryotic RNA Exosome
5:00 pmJiří Šponer (IBP, Brno, CZ) Explicit solvent molecular dynamics: advantages and limitations
7:00 pmDinner in the wine cellar At Queen Elizabeth's


8:30 amExcursion (long tour) Mendel Museum of Genetics and Augustinian Abbey
9:00 amExcursion (short tour) Mendel Museum of Genetics and Augustinian Abbey
10:30 amCoffee break
11:00 amJamie Williamson (Scripps, La Jolla, USA) Stable Isotope Labeling Technology for NMR of RNA
11:50 amPeter Lukavsky (LMCB-MRC, Cambridge, UK) New methods for structure determination of large RNA
12:40 pmLunch
1:40 pmAndres Ramos (NIMR-MRC, London, UK) RNA recognition by the KSRP protein
2:30 pmSimon Bernd (EMBL, Heidelbeg, DE) Determining complex structures from NMR and SAXS data
3:20 pmRound-Table Discussion
6:00 pmDinner in the Starobrno brewery

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