Welcome to the 2nd Annual EAST-NMR and the 1st Annual Bio-NMR User Meetings. EAST-NMR and Bio-NMR are projects of the 7th Framework Program of EU aiming at the advancement of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and its applications. The conference will consist of lectures dedicated to the highlights in the field of NMR or defining the state of the art in specific areas of joint research activities, and it will include user presentations, The General Assembly and User meetings of both projects as well as the meeting of the local operators. Brigitte Sambain, a representative of the Unit Research Infrastructure, Directorate General for Research of European Commission, is present.
This year, the program also incorporates presentations of prominent representatives of other (non-NMR) essential techniques (cryo-EM, X-ray crystallography), illustrating their respective approaches to solving challenging problems of structural biology. The expected "cross-fertilizing" effect of such interactions among experts from different fields should help to integrate the research of the NMR-oriented groups into an multidisciplinary effort necessary to push further the current limits of structural biology.
The main aim of the meeting is to provide an effective forum for discussion, at both formal and informal levels. The high number of registered participants (179) should guarantee a stimulating environment and the conference program allows to maximize the time the participants spend together. The previous, exceptionally successful meetings of this type have proven to be at the forefront of biomolecular NMR and we hope that the current meeting will continue in this tradition.

Organizing Committee:
    Ivano Bertini (coordinator of Bio-NMR)
    Rolf Boelens (coordinator of Bio-NMR JRAs)
    Harald Schwalbe (coordinator of EAST-NMR)
    Vladimír Sklenář (Chair)
Local Organization:
    Hana Břicháčková
    Radovan Fiala
    Vladimír Sklenář (Chair)
    Lukáš Žídek

EU logo EU logo The meeting is organized within Bio-NMR and EAST-NMR
projects funded from the 7th Framework
programme for research and development
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