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On-line registration is required to attend the meeting.


No fees are required.
Accommodation, conference fees, and meals for all users, speakers, invited guests, and staff of institutions involved in EAST-NMR and/or Bio-NMR projects will be covered by the conference budget. Travel expenses (up to 500 EUR, the limit does not apply for invited speakers) will be reimbursed via the individual institutions. Each institution will send a request for travel reimbursement of its participants to Masaryk University after the conference and the resources will be transfered to its account. The participants from institutions not belonging to either East-NMR or Bio-NMR consortia will be reimbursed directly by Masaryk University.


All lectures and accommodation will take place in the Continental hotel in Brno, Czech Republic.
WiFi internet connection is available free of charge in conference halls and hotel rooms. Cable internet connection is also available in the hotel rooms.


Posters should be prepared in size of A0 format, portrait orientation (approx. 84x120 cm, i.e. 33x47 inches).

Travel and Local Transport

Travelling to Brno

There are regular flights directly to Brno from London (Stansted and Luton), Moscow, Bergamo and Prague. There are also regular bus connections to Brno directly from airports in Prague and Vienna. Moreover, there are plenty of possibilities to get to Brno from Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. You can use this portal to find suitable bus or train connection.

Car drivers can arrive to Brno via highway D1/E50/E65 and then take Exit 190 when driving from Prague (detailed route here). Drivers from Vienna can use road 52/E461 (route) and drivers from Bratislava can get to Brno via highway D2/E65 (route). The following map can help you to navigate to the Continental hotel (GPS coordinates 49°12'1.985"N, 16°36'16.696"E) once you reach the city.

Car routes from Prague, Vienna and Bratislava

(click here to get PDF version for printing)

Arriving in Brno

Arrival Points

You can arrive to these locations when travelling to Brno by plane, train or bus.

  1. the main railway station (Hlavní nádraží)
  2. the main bus terminal (Zvonařka)
  3. the bus terminal in front of Grand Hotel
  4. the Brno-Tuřany airport

Either public transport or a taxi can be used to get to the Continental Hotel.

Means of Transportation

The public transport is cheaper and the connections are quite frequent even during the weekend. The tickets can be bought either in news stands or in specialised coin-op machines. Unfortunately both accept only Czech crowns. There are several types of tickets; 10 min ticket for 14 CZK (∼0.60 EUR), 15 min ticket for 18 CZK (∼0.70 EUR), 60 min ticket for 22 CZK (∼0.90 EUR) and finally 90 min ticket for 24 CZK (∼0.95 EUR). 60 min tickets can also be purchased directly from the driver for 30 CZK (∼1.20 EUR).

You can use this site to search for the connections from the arrival points to the Continental Hotel.

Taxis are usually waiting on parking lots near all arrival points. The fare is around 400 CZK (∼16 EUR) from the airport and around 150–200  CZK (∼6–8 EUR) from the other three arrival points. You can pay the fare also in euros, but it is advisable to ask the driver about the exchange rate in advance.

How to get to the Continental Hotel

  1. If you arrive at the main railway station, there is a large connection point in front of the station. From there take tram number 12 or 13 heading for “Česká” and “Technologický park” stops (dark green or light green route on this map). You will need a 10 minute two-zone ticket. Leave the tram at the “Česká” stop (3rd stop from the railway station). From the tram stop turn right and walk down the Brandlova st., then turn left and go up the Kounicova street (red dotted route on the map). After some 150 meters you will see the Hotel on the right side of the street.

  2. If you travel by bus and arrive at the Zvonařka main bus terminal, you can either get to the tram stop “Zvonařka” (dark green dotted route on the map) or walk through “Vaňkovka” shopping centre and underpass straight to the connection point in front of the main train station (light green dotted route on the map). To get to the “Zvonařka” stop, walk back towards the large panel displaying bus arrivals. From the panel turn left and go up the stairs. You should be on a bridge above the Zvonařka street. Walk straight ahead and when you reach the junction, turn right and walk above the Plotní street. You should be able to see the stop in front of you. Descend down the stairs and walk around the left side of the parking lot. When you reach the Zvonařka stop, take the tram 12 heading towards the railway station, “Česká” and “Technologický park” stops. You will need a 15 minute ticket to get to the “Česká” stop. You can then follow the instructions in the first paragraph.

    To get to the main railway station by foot, walk forward to the building and go up the stairs on its right side. Walk straight ahead down the bridge and cross the Vaňkovka shopping mall. Continue through the bridge, walk by Tesco and go down the stairs. Go straight ahead through the underpass and you should see banners navigating you to the tram connection point. When you get there, follow the instructions in paragraph 1 to get to the hotel.

  3. If you arrive at the Grand Hotel bus terminal, turn in the direction the bus arrived from and walk straight ahead until you reach an entrance to the underpass. (black dotted route on the map). Go into the underpass and follow the navigation banners to get to the tram connection point. Then follow the instructions in paragraph 1 to reach the hotel.

  4. If you are on the Tuřany airport, you can either get a taxi to the hotel, or fetch the bus number 76 heading towards “Hlavní nádraží” stop (red route on the map). You will need 60 minute ticket. Leave the bus at the “Hlavní nádraží” stop and walk into the underpass to your left. Once there go straight ahead and follow the banners to get to the tram stop. Then follow the instructions in paragraph 1 to get to the hotel.

You can get a PDF version of the map here.

How to get to the Mendel Square

To get to the Mendel Square from the Hotel, go to the left down the Kounicova street. On the big crossing go straight ahead and then turn right on the Brandlova street (red dotted route on this map). At the end of the street go left around the building and then turn left around the corner to find the tram stop for trams 4, 5, 6 and 7. Prepare a 10 min ticket and take trams 5 (heading towards “Ústřední hřbitov”), 6 (heading towards “Starý Lískovec” stop) or 7 (going to “Bohunice, Švermova” stop) to the “Mendlovo náměstí” stop (3rd stop from “Česká”, see the blue route on the map). When arriving at the Mendel square, you should be able to see the historical building of The Abbey to your right. Queen Elizabeth's wine cellar ("U královny Elišky", address Mendlovo Náměstí 1b, GPS coordinates: 49°11'32.614"N, 16°35'38.183"E) is located behind The Abbey.

The PDF version of the map is available here.