Programme and abstract book are available in PDF format: programme.pdf, abstractbook.pdf


Monday Jan. 24
8:00Registration open
SESSION I    chair Harald Schwalbe
14:50James Prestegard: Integrating NMR with Other Technologies: High Order Assemblies of Chemokines and Glycosaminoglyans
15:25Jürgen Plitzko: Hybrid imaging - Novel approaches and recent advances in correlative microscopy for structural biology
16:00Tea & Coffee
SESSION II    chair Claudio Luchinat
16:30Astrid Gräslund: NMR studies of the amyloid β peptide involved in Alzheimer's disease: molecular interactions, secondary structure conversions and aggregation
17:05Peter Tompa: Structural disorder and chaperone activity of plant dehydrins in vitro and in vivo
17:40Torsten Herrmann: Protein structure determination directly from the NMR spectrometer using UNIO
18:30Dinner (EAST-NMR Management Committee meets in Restaurant)
Bio-NMR GENERAL ASSEMBLY    Project Coordinator: Ivano Bertini
20:00Brigitte Sambain, Project Officer - DGRTD Research Infrastructure Unit
20:30Harald Schwalbe - Transnational Access
20:40Rolf Boelens - Joint Research Activity
21:00Ivano Bertini - Networking
(contributions from Christina Redfield - WP 4.2 and 4.5, Chris Spronk - WP 3.3 and 5.6, Adam Lange - WP 5.3, Rolf Boelens - WP 6.1)
21:30Henriette Molinari - User Group
21:40Astrid Gräslund - notes from the Internal Evaluation Panel
21:45James Prestegard - monitoring of the activities
21:50Antonio Rosato - WeNMR
22:00Bio-NMR Consorcium Members Meeting
Tuesday Jan. 25
SESSION III    chair Ivano Bertini
9:00David Stuart:
9:35Wolfgang Peti: MAP Kinase Regulation
10:10Rafal Augustyniak: NMR studies of homeoprotein Engrailed 2. Assignment, diffusion, dynamics
10:30Tea & Coffee
SESSION IV    chair Jacob Anglister
11:00Hartmut Oschkinat: Structural investigations on the ABC transporter ArtMP-J and on the interaction of αB-Crystallin with substrates by Solid-State NMR
11:35Miquel Pons: NMR Studies of bacterial nucleoid associated proteins and their DNA complexes
12:10Irene Diaz Moreno: Tyr-modified cytochrome c and cell death in eukaryotic systems
12:30Lunch (EAST-NMR Management Committee meets in Restaurant)
SESSION V    chair Ago Samoson
13:30Robert Konrat: Whats behind Disordered - Unfolded - Unstructured?
14:05Beat H. Meier: Structure determination by Solid-state NMR
14:40Sam Asami: Proton detection of aliphatic resonances with ssNMR spectroscopy
15:00Posters (odd numbers presented) and Refreshment
SESSION VI    chair Wiktor Koźmiński
16:30Perttu Permi: Structural studies of EspFU, a novel SH3 ligand triggering the pathogen-driven actin assembly
17:05Christina Redfield: Oxidation-state-dependent protein-protein interactions in disulfide cascades
17:40Janez Plavec: From interactions of small molecule ligands and their self assembly to DNA quadruplexes and prion proteins
18:30Dinner (Bio-NMR Management Committee meets in Restaurant)
EAST-NMR GENERAL ASSEMBLY    Project Coordinator: Harald Schwalbe
20:00Presentation of the EAST-NMR project (Harald Schwalbe)
20:10Transnational Access (Vladimír Sklenář, Janez Plavec, Katalin Kövér, Wiktor Koźmiński)
20:35Joint Research Activity (Rolf Boelens)
20:45Networking Activities (Vladimír Sklenář)
21:00User Meeting (Local Operator Meeting in Lounge)
22:00EAST NMR MC Meeting
Wednesday Jan. 26
SESSION VII    chair Niels Chr. Nielsen
9:00Martin Blackledge: Exploring Multiple Timescale Motions in Folded and Intrinsically Disordered Proteins using NMR
9:35Bernhard Brutscher: Recovering lost magnetization: polarization enhancement in biomolecular NMR
10:10Mario Jug: Study of zaleplon/cyclodextrin complexation by 1H-NMR spectroscopy
10:30Tea & Coffee
SESSION VIII    chair Somer Bekiroglu
11:00Fred Allain: Insight into RNA splicing and editing mechanisms from the NMR structures of protein-RNA complexes
11:35Tobias Madl: Solvent PRE-assisted structural analysis of large protein complexes</td>
12:10Gabriele Giachin: NMR structure of the human prion protein with the pathological Q212P mutation: insights into inherited human prion diseases
12:30Lunch (Bio-NMR Management Committee meets in Restaurant)
SESSION IX    chair Katalin E. Kövér
13:30Alexander Arseniev: NMR view on helix-helix interactions of membrane proteins
14:05Norbert Müller: NMR Noise Spectroscopy
14:40Vasudevan Ramesh: NMR of RNA at 1GHz - A New Frontier in Structural Biology
15:00Posters (even numbers presented) and Refreshment
SESSION X    chair András Perczel
16:30Rolf Boelens: Structure and dynamics in gene regulation and DNA repair
17:05Goran Karlsson: NMR-optimized cell-free protein expression
18:30Mendel Museum and Banquet at The Queen Elizabeth wine cellar
Thursday Jan. 27
SESSION XI    chair Edvards Liepinsh
9:00Paul Driscoll: Methyl-TROSY NMR of death domain assemblies: low symmetry organisation suggested by non-degenerate chemical shifts
9:35Mateus Webba da Silva: DNA Quadruplex Topologies by Design
10:10Richard Štefl: Transcription termination by the Nrd1 complex
10:30Tea & Coffee
SESSION XII    chair Lyndon Emsley
11:00Adam Lange: Solid-State NMR as a Tool in Structural Biology: VDAC, Tau, and the TTSS Needle
11:35Lukáš Trantírek: In-cell NMR spectroscopy of nucleic acids
12:10Ildefonso Marin-Montesinos: Analysis of derivatized aminoacids in biological samples by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization