Research group Glycobiochemistry (GLYCOBIO)


Prof. RNDr. Michaela Wimmerová, Ph.D.


The research of the Glycobiochemistry group is focused on structure-functional studies of proteins originated from pathogen organisms.
Saccharides play an important role in many processes in living organisms. Aside from serving as energy storage and stabilizing molecules, they could serve for encoding and storage of information. This fact is given by their stability combined with great stereochemical variability of conformational alternatives, even increased when various possibilities of intermolecular glycosidic linkages are taken into account. Concerning the aforementioned, saccharides embody a great information potential for biomolecular recognition processes. As such, saccharides play often considerable role in differentiation, morphogenesis or carcinogenesis processes.

Research areas:

  • Carbohydrate-binding proteins involved in host-pathogen interactions
  • Human glycosyltransferases and their role in cancerogenesis
  • Glycosyltransferases participating in mycobacterial cell wall synthesis
  • Protein engineering of lectins
  • Biomolecular interactions

Main Objectives:

  • To study the therapeutical aspects of recognition and adhesion phenomena in host-pathogen interactions.
  • Investigations of the structures and interactions of biomacromolecules and their relations to the functions of living systems, disease and therapy.

Research projects:

Members of the laboratory also participate in research group Glycobiochemistry in CEITEC.

GLYCOBIO group 2008

Figure: GLYCOBIO group 2008.


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