Research group Nanobiotechnology (NANOBIO)


Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Petr Skládal, CSc.


Nanobiotechnology group is focused on scanning probe techniques including atomic force and scanning near optical field microscopies (AFM and SNOM). Investigation of biomolecules, microbes, nanoparticles and biomodified surfaces, nanobiosensors based on microcantilevers, biointeractions at the molecular level.

Laboratory web:

Research areas:

  • Imaging of biomolecules, cells and other biological objects using scanning probe microscopies (SPM – including AFM, SNOM and STM)
  • Characterization of affinity interactions using biosensors in real time
  • Development of biosensors using electrochemical, optical and piezoelectric transducers
  • Immobilization, modification and conjugation of biomolecules

Main Objectives:

  • Visualization and modification of biological objects including tissues, cells, cellular structures, and single biomolecules
  • Development of new methodologies for investigating the structure, interactions, and dynamics of biomolecules
  • Investigations into the structure and interactions of biomacromolecules and their relation to the functions of living systems, disease and therapy
  • Investigations into the behaviour of natural and chemically modified biomacromolecules at electrically charged surfaces linked to the development of novel electrochemical biosensors and bioassays

Research projects:

Members of the laboratory also participate in research group Nanobiotechnology in CEITEC.


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