National Centre for Biomolecular Research (NCBR) organizes:

November 3 - 7, 2008: The Ph.D. course focused on computational chemistry of biomolecular interactions, docking and simulations applied on biomacromolecules and complexes. Tutored by two outstanding tutors Johan Åqvist and Jonathan Essex. Participants of the course will automatically attend the workshop organised on November 5. More information  

November 5, 2008: The workshop focused on interactions in biomolecules and on their dynamics studied at atomic level. The following speakers have agreed to participate: Johan Åqvist, Pablo Campomanes, Annick Dejaegere, Martin Field, Frank Jensen, André H. Juffer, Richard Lavery and F. Javier Luque. More information  

November 6, 2008: Special lecture coorganized by the Czech Chemical Society. The following speakers will give talks: Robert Woods (Galway, Ireland) and Jonathan Essex (Southampton, U.K.). Registration is not needed for this lecture. More information  

The Ph.D. course and the workshop are organized within POSTBIOMIN project
of the 7th Framework programme for research and development.