National Centre for Biomolecular Research (NCBR) organizes:


logo RNA October 30, 2009
RNA Club 2009 focused on regulation of gene expression, RNA degradation and quality control, noncoding RNAs, RNAi, pre-mRNA splicing, structure and molecular dynamics of RNA and much more.


logo FP7 November 2 - 6, 2009
Ph.D. course: Biomolecular Interactions by Experimental Methods focused on different aspects and advanced methods to study biomolecular interactions. Tutored by two outstanding tutors Hugues Lortat-Jacob and W. Bruce Turnbull.
Participants of the course will automatically attend the workshop organized on November 4 and the CSCH lecture organized on November 5 (see below).


logo FP7 November 4, 2009
Workshop: Biomolecular Interactions by Experimental Methods - a series of lectures will be given by excellent European scientist in the field. The following speakers have agreed to participate: Ute Krengel, Hakon Leffler, Ilian Jelesarov, Roberto Raiteri, Michel O. Steinmetz, W. Bruce Turnbull, Karel Bezouska, Iva Navratilova.
Second part of lectures is organized within CSCH lecture on November 5 (see below).


logo FP7 November 5, 2009
CSCH lecture: Special lecture coorganized by the Czech Chemical Society. The following speakers will give talks: Ten Feizi (Imperial College London, U.K.) and Hugues Lortat-Jacob (Institute of Structural Biology, Grenoble, France). Registration is not needed for this lecture.


logo MSMT November 10 - 13, 2009
Ph.D. course: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology focused on protein and DNA sequences comparison and alignment, sequence database search, protein structure prediction and analysis, complexity and nonlinear dynamics in biological systems, metabolic pathways and metabolic control, computational tools for systems biology. Tutored by Vladimir Likic (University of Melbourne, Australia).

Invitation leaflet is available in PDF format: download

The Ph.D. course and the workshop are organized within POSTBIOMIN project
of the 7th Framework programme for research and development.