The Ph.D. course, held from November 2 - 6, 2009, will be focused on different aspects and advanced methods to study biomolecular interactions. It is organized by the National Centre for Biomolecular Research. Participants of the course will automatically attend the workshop organized on November 4 and CSCH lecture organized on November 5.
The Ph.D. course lectures and excercises will be given by two outstanding tutors:

    Dr. W. Bruce Turnbull (University of Leeds, Leeds, U.K.)
    Studying biomolecular interactions: microcalorimetry and beyond...
    Dr. Hugues Lortat-Jacob (Institute of Structural Biology, Grenoble, France)
    The use of surface plasmon resonance and surface plasmon resonance imaging
    for the study of protein-glycosaminoglycan interaction

On-line Registration is required to attend the course. Please, register as soon as possible - the number of participants for Ph.D. course excercises is limited by the size of computer room (i.e. 36 seats). Currently enrolled Ph.D. students will be given priority, but undergraduate students and post-docs may apply to attend as well. Admission to the course is based on the selection made by the organizing commitee.
Registration deadline is October 16, 2009.
No registration fee is required to attend the Ph.D. course.

The course is organized within POSTBIOMIN project of the 7th Framework programme for research and development.