The NMR Valtice conference will be held in the Centre of Excellence — National Wine Centre at Sobotni Street 1029 in Valtice.

The Secondary School of Viticulture offers accommodation nearby the Centre of Excellence for students: 3 booked apartments consisting of 2 rooms each for 3 persons. Reservation can be made within the registration form.


Valtice is easy to reach by plane, bus, train or car – you can find it between Břeclav and Mikulov, near the border with Austria.

  • Plane: Brno (65 km), Vienna (80 km), Prague (260 km), Budapest (280 km), Bratislava (90 km)
  • Bus: Direct connection from Brno (1 hour), Vienna (2,5 hour), Breclav and Mikulov (0,5 hour)
  • Train: From major railroad corridor Vienna‐Breclav‐Brno, via Breclav or Znojmo
  • Car: From major roads Brno‐Vienna (E461) and Brno‐Bratislava (E65)
  • Mobility needs: If you have a disability and need help with transport to the conference, parking or transport while attending the conference, please let us know and we will do what we can to help.

Town of Valtice

The town of Valtice is located in the South Moravia UNESCO areas. City represents an excellent example of Baroque style. The build up of the manor is in its first phase, i.e. about till the middle of the 17th century, connected with Duke Karel Eusebius of Liechtenstein who also considerably influenced the final shape of the buildings. Till 1641 most of them were projected by G. G. Tencalla. In the first quarter of the 18th century the man eristic esthetics of the three story manor was overlaid by a more modern form of the high Baroque according to the project of Johann B. Fischer from Erlach. His plans were realized here by D. Martinelli, especially after 1713. The stroll through the castle is a very pleasant experience. Several rooms and halls display extraordinarily rich wall decorations, whose value is not diminished by the fact that most of them were radically restored in the second half of the 20th century.

The most beautiful out of almost twenty interiors are the Mirror Hall, the picture gallery, the manor chapel and the salon of Prince Charles. These and a number of other rooms are moreover decorated by magnificent ceiling paintings. The charm of Valtice is added to by the natural country park following since the 19th century; the tradition of a similar park at the manor of Lednice and containing numerous precious decorative buildings. Of these, mention should at least be made, of the mighty colonnade with Corinthian pillars built in 1832 and the Temple of Diana also called Rendezvous recalls the Roman Victorious Arc (1812). Consider also visits of Lednice and Mikulov.