Software for protein engineering

Current version: 4.0.0
Released: MAR/17/2008


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Distribution package for Linux operating system contains executable files of TRITON 4.0 , manuals, the tutorial and the example files. Read INSTALL for information how to unpack and install the program.

External software used by TRITON can be obtained at:
AutoDock 4.0:
DRIVER 1.2: included in the distribution package of TRITON
After installing this external software, this must be configured in TRITON (Menu:Setup/ Setup MODELLER/MOPAC/DRIVER/AutoDock).

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is necessary to install package with bitmapped fonts before using TRITON. The package usualy has the name xfonts-100dpi. It is sometimes necessary to restart X Server or reboot computer after installation of the package.


Last update: June 18, 2009