Software for protein engineering

Current version: 4.0.0
Released: MAR/17/2008

Frequently Asked Questions

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A. User registration, TRITON packages download

  1. I registered as TRITON user, but I did not obtaine any e-mail with the password.

    E-mail with the password is sent to you immediately after registration by automatic software. Usualy it is delivered after a few seconds. But in some cases it can take minutes or tens of minutes. E-mail also cannot be delievered when you specify invalid e-mail address. Check your address carefully during the registration.
    If you do not obtain e-mail with password, register yourself again. New password will be generated and sent to you.

  2. I registered as TRITON user, but password I obtained does not work.

    Ensure that you did not make a mistke when you specified user ID and password in the dialog window. Password is case sensitive i.e. it recognizes between small and capital letters. Users with non-English keyboard mapping could have problems. Ensure, that keyboard mapping is set to English, when you are typing your password. The best approach is to copy user ID and password dirrectly from e-mail to dialog window by the mouse.

  3. I am already registered user but I lost my password. How can I find out my current password?

    It is not possible to find out your current password. You have to register again. New password will be generated and sent to your e-mail address. This new password replaces the old one.

  4. I registered repeatedly and obtained more e-mails with different passwords. Which password is valid.

    You can register repeatedly but only last password you obtained is valid.

B. Problems with installation and running TRITON

  1. After running TRITON main window is displayed but menu and dialog windows do not contain any text.

    It is necessary to install packages with bitmapped fonts from your Linux distribution repository. The packages usualy has names xfonts-75dpi and xfonts-100dpi although other names are possible in some distributions.


Last update: March 17, 2008