Jaroslav KOCA

Full Professor of Chemistry. MS degree (mathematics and chemistry) from J.E. Purkyne University, Brno, Czech Republic (with dr. Ivan Novotny); PhD degree from Komensky University, Bratislava, Slovakia (with professors Miroslav Simek and Milan Kratochvil); DSc from Masaryk University, Brno; 2 years postdoctoral fellow of Royal Norwegian Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (NTNF, with professor Per H.J. Carlsen).

Visiting professor or researcher: Grenoble (France), Pacific Nortwest National Laboratory, Washington (USA), Rennes (France), Trondheim (Norway), Nantes (France), Knoxville, Tennessee (USA), Athens (Greece).

Faculty member in Undegraduate and Graduate Program in Theoretical and Computer Assisted Chemistry, Education in Chemistry, Computer Modeling and Simulations in Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Science at National Centre for Biomolecular Research (formerly Laboratory of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics) and Department of  Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University , Brno, Czech Republic. Currently serving as a director of  National Centre for Biomolecular Research and Scientific Director of Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) .











Computational chemistry and molecular modeling focused on structure and dynamics of biologically interesting flexible molecules (carbohydrates, peptides, oligonucleotides, proteins, biomolecular complexes), development of methodology (program CICADA and others), computer assisted organic synthesis (a general model developed is called "Synthon Model of Organic Chemistry"), computer studies of enzymatic reactions and interactions, computer studies of supramolecules. Current interests include also molecular dynamics on oligonucleotides, proteins, carbohydrates, their complexes, and simulations in mixed solvents. Results published in more than 170 journal and conference papers, and book chapters.



Molecular dynamics is used to study conformational behavior of proteins, nucleic acids fragments and molecular complexes. Novel methodologies like Locally Enhanced Sampling and continuum solvent representations are tested against classical approaches. Number of analysis methods are used to examine resulting trajectories to obtain as much as information from time consuming calculations as possible. Also interactions of solute with solvent molecules are explored. Results are compared with available experimental data (especially NMR and X-ray). Research include, for example:

    Cyclin dependent kinase cdk2:                                     Phosphotriesterase:                                           Oligonucleotides:                 


                                    Glycosytransferases:                                                                            Lectins:



is a package of programs devoted to conformational analysis and molecular docking. It performs description of conformational/configurational space in terms of energy minima (e.g., conformers on conformational Potential Energy hyperSurface) and pathways connecting them (e.g.,  conformational interconversions). The data obtained are used to simulate propagation in conformational movement using Boltzmann statistics (COMBINE software). Resulting trajectories give an information about concerted conformational movement and other interesting phenomena occuring at molecular level.


                    Search for pathways on PES                                                        Cyclodextrine docking





An attempt has been made to evaluate the phenomena which is called molecular flexibility. Flexibility is calculated for single conformers, molecular fragments (like freely rotatable single bonds) as well as entire molecule. It is evaluated in absolute and relative scale.



is a general mathematical model which is based on a complete set of valence states of atoms within the so-called octet chemistry (s,p-chemistry). The model makes it possible to generate all the possible reaction mechanisms within octet chemistry, and all the possible interconversion schemes between any couple of valence states of atoms.



Structure and dynamics of supramolecules are solved by combining theoretical and experimental methods. Properties of experimentally prepared amides and calix[n]arenes and their complexes with anions are studied by molecular modeling. The aim is to design ligands with defined specificity for anions.


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Current Co-workers, Collaborators and Students:


Dr. Zdenek Kriz (1991-)

Dr. Petr Kulhanek (1999-)

Dr. Martin Prokop (1996-)

Dr. Radka Svobodova Varekova (1998-)

Dr. Stano Kozmon (2008-)

Doc. Dr. Michaela Wimmerova (1995-1998, 2001-)

Prof. Dr. Jiri Sponer (1999-)



Prof. Dr. Per H.J. Carlsen (NTNU, Norway, 1989-)

Dr. Anne Imberty (CERMAV, Grenoble, France, 1993-) 

Dr. Serge Perez  (CERMAV, Grenoble, France, 1993-) 

Prof. Dr. Robert Rittenhouse (Walla-Walla College, WA, USA, 1999-)

Prof. Dr. Chang-Guo Zhan (University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA, 1999-)

Dr. Haluk Resat (Pacific Northwest National Lab, WA, USA, 1999-)


Michal Otyepka (Palacky University, Olomouc, Ph.D. with prof. Lasovsky, 2005)


Kamila Reblova (Ph.D., 2005)

Nikola Kostlanova (Ph.D., 2006)

Martina Budova (PhD, 2006)

Jan Adam ((Ph.D., 2010)

Jiri Wiesner (Ph.D., 2011)

Zuzana Novotna Jirouskova (Ph.D., 2011)

Jan Alan (Ph.D., 2011)

Jiri Fukal (Ph.D., 2011)

Jakub Stepan (Ph.D., 2013)

Zora Strelcova (Ph.D., 2013)

Crina Maria Ionescu (Ph.D., 2013)

Josef Pasulka (Ph.D., 2013)

Sushil Kumar Mishra (Ph.D., 2013)




Past Co-workers, Collaborators and Students:



Navnit Kumar Mishra (Ph.D., 2009)

Dr. Eva Fadrna (1992-2009)

Doc. Dr. Jiri Damborsky (1993-2008)

Ales Kosina (Ph.D.,  --)

Martin Petrek (Ph.D., --)

Jiri Matousek (Ph.D., --)

Iveta Bartova (Ph.D., 2006)

Lenka Snajdrova (PhD., 2006)

Filip Razga (PhD., 2006)

Michal Bohac (Ph.D.,2005)

Jan Kmunicek (Ph.D., 2004)

Lubos Vrbka (M.S.,2003)

Sari Ylitepsa (M.S., 2003)

Dr. Michal Cajan (Ph.D., 2002)

Dr. Richard Stefl (Ph.D., 2002)

Klara Hladeckova (M.S., 2001)

Zdenek Vytiska (M.S., 2001)

Sofiane Kettou (M.S., 2001)

Dr. Pavla Petrova-Sitkova (Ph.D., 2000)

Martin Ludin (M.S.,1999)

Jiri Pridal (B.A.,1999)

Dr. Michal Kuty (Ph.D.,1999)

Dr. Martin Cernohorsky (Ph.D.,1998)

Dr. Jan Gruza (Ph.D.,1998)

Dr. Lukas Trantirek (M.S.,1998)

Lukas Garcic (M.S.,1998)

Jakub Fabian (M.S.,1998)

Miloslava Benesova (M.S.,1998)

Tomas Cerny (M.S.,1997)

Jiri Benes (M.S.,1996)

Pavel Novak (M.S.,1996)

Dr. Jiri Czernek (M.S.,1995)

Iveta Bartosova (M.S.,1995)

Zbynek Hader (M.S.,1995)

Iva Kleinova (M.S.,1992)

Jana Plevova (M.S.,1990)

Vera Sobotkova (M.S.,1988)

Marie Hrabalova (M.S.,1986)

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