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Multiscale Modelling Methods

From Supramolecular Chemistry to Structural Biology

Study cutting-edge computer simulations to solve chemical and biochemical problems ranging from supramolecular chemistry to structural biology. Explore a world beyond the reach of experimental methods, where molecular modelling plays a pivotal role in rationalising new materials, understanding the foundations of life, and designing new drugs.


Multiscale Modelling Methods is an intensive 10-day summer course for university students in chemistry, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and biophysics study programs. The course provides essential knowledge for conducting computer simulations on various molecular scales. In addition, this course can be equally valuable for students engaged in wet lab experiments, demonstrating how computer simulations can enhance and complement their research. While the teaching level is mainly set for bachelor's and master's students, early-stage doctoral students are also welcome.

Summer School Participants in 2023



15th to 26th July 2024


Registration was closed as the course capacity was reached.
1st May 2024,
- Applying via the Intensive Summer School program (accommodation included).

30th June 2024, 23:59 - Final registration (no accommodation included).
3rd June to 30th June 2024, 23:59 - Abstract submission (optional).


This course is free of charge.
The organizers do not provide catering.
Accommodation and other benefits are provided to the participants applying via the Intensive Summer School program for a 750 EUR fee.


Computer classroom 118, Building C04
National Centre for Biomolecular Research
University Campus Bohunice
Masaryk University
Czech Republic




RNDr. Petr Kulhánek, Ph.D.

FSC2SB-M3 Summer School Organizator

telefon: 549 49 5459

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