Protein Structure and Dynamics

Head: prof. Mgr. Lukáš Žídek, Ph.D.

Research Topics

Our group is interested in structure, dynamics, interactions, and function of proteins. Currently, our major focus is proteins containing intrinsically disordered regions. Due to the presence of the intrinsically disordered regions, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) plays an important role in detailed characterization of the studied proteins. In addition to conventional NMR methods, we have developed approaches allowing us to study large disordered proteins with atomic-resolution. We combine NMR spectroscopy with cryo-electron microscopy to describe interactions of the investigated proteins and their complexes at conditions close to their natural environment. Currently, we study mostly two types of biological systems: (1) proteins regulating bacterial transcription and (2) microtubule-associated proteins of brain neurons and their interacting partners.

More information about our group can be found on the CEITEC website.

Protein Structure and Dynamics - CEITEC

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