Biomolecular chemistry and bioinformatics

are complex fields that study and model biomolecules, their spatial structures, and their functions. It relies not only on a broad portfolio of instrumental methods required for structural and functional analysis but also on applying mathematical modelling and data interpretation using up-to-date computational and information technology.

Genomics and proteomics

are broad, interconnected fields that study structure and function of genomes and proteomes across all life domains. These fields transgress to biology, biochemistry, bioanalytics and system biology.

Life sciences

are a field interdisciplinary and methodologically focused on studying the structure and function of biologically active macromolecules – proteins, nucleic acids, and their functional complexes. It comprises different sub-fields such as bioanalysis & its instrumentation, the omics approaches (cytogenomics, functional genomics, proteomics, metabolomics), system biology, and bioinformatics.

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