Peptide Therapeutics

Head: prof. RNDr. Robert Vácha, PhD.

Research Topics

We focus on understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying vital biological processes. In particular, we are interested in processes involving biological membranes, proteins, and their interactions. We aim to utilize the obtained understanding to design new peptides/proteins or modify the existing ones that could be useful in medical or biotechnological applications. Results from our computer simulations, which employ advanced sampling techniques, are verified through a range of in vitro experiments. These include fluorescence microscopy, quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), and various biochemical assays.

Research Areas
Main Objectives

Team Members

  • Postdoctoral Researcher: Denys Biriukov, Francesco Luca Falginella, Ondřej Kroutil, William Morton, Timothée Rivel, Lukáš Sukeník
  • PhD Student: Ladislav Bartoš, Sofia Blasco, Rahul Deb, Peter Pajtinka, Sushmita Pal, Jana Salamonová
  • Bc/MSc Student: David Kopecký, Tereza Tutková
  • Technician: Martina Drabinová, Adelheid Hanáčková

Members of the laboratory also participate in the research group of Robert Vacha at CEITEC MU.

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