NCBR Seminar Series - Autumn 2023


  • Thursday Sep 21, 2023

    Introductory lectures of 1st year PhD students of Biomolecular chemistry and bioinformatics


    • Viktor Bartošík (Protein Structure and Dynamics)
    • Tereza Buráňová (Structure-function Study of Proteins Involved in Host Cell Recognition)
    • Toon Lemmens (Structural Dynamics of Biomolecular Complexes)
    • Elena Lopatukhina (Rad51 Paralogs and Their Role in Genome Stability and Cancer Development)
    • Michaela Mikysková (Structure-function Study of Proteins Involved in Host Cell Recognition)
    • Jan Petrovský (Restoring Antiviral Properties of Mammalian Dicer)
    • Adrián Rošinec (Metadata for Annotation of Experimental Data in Life Sciences)
    • Lenka Smílková (Structure, Biology and Medical Potential of Ultra-short Extracellular DNA in Blood Plasma)
    • Tomáš Svoboda (Bioinformatics Workflow for Experimental Data Management)
  • Thursday Sep 28, 2023

    No seminar on this day

    Holiday (Statehood Day)

  • Thursday Oct 5, 2023

    NCBR Welcome & Info PhD Day

    Speaker: Michaela Wimmerová, Jan Havliš, Veronika Papoušková

  • Thursday OCt 12, 2023

    Where Multiscale Simulations Meet Experiment

    Structural Biology Seminar
    Speaker: William Shakespeare Morton

  • Thursday Oct 19, 2023

    Scientific Misconduct & Research Ethics

    Speaker: Petr Svoboda, Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

  • Thursday Oct 26, 2023

    No seminar on this day

    Autumn holidays

  • Thursday Nov 2, 2023

    Light Microscopy Methods in Biology

    Structural Biology Seminar
    Speaker: Milan Ešner, CEITEC MU

  • Thursday Nov 9, 2023

    SB & NCBR Seminar
    • Lukáš Žídek: Dynamics of Proteins and Structural Biology of IDPs (Structural Biology Seminar)
    • Dávid Tužinčin: Dynamics of bacterial sigma factors
  • Thursday Nov 16, 2023

    SB & NCBR Seminar
    • Petr Těšina (CEITEC MU): Translation Control
    • Zdeňka Žampachová (Grant department, Rectorate MUNI) and Iveta Svobodová (Project department, Dean´s office SCI MU): National research funding oportunities: Introduction for early career researchers
  • Thursday Nov 23, 2023

    SB & NCBR Seminar
    • Frans Mulder: NMR Relaxation – Path to Dynamics and Entropy (Structure Biology Seminar & INNOLEC Lecture)
    • Nikola Nosková: Study of Protein-RNA interactions by Cryo-electron microscopy
  • Thursday Nov 30, 2023

    NCBR Seminar
    • Praveenkumar Rengaraj: The role of protein-protein interactions in the dynamics of m6A RNA modification
    • Palina Ryzhaya: Chemical derivatization of histone proteoforms for mass spectrometric analysis
    • Július Zemaník: Study of Reaction Mechanisms of Bacterial Glycosyltransferases by Molecular Modelling
  • Thursday Dec 7, 2023

    NCBR Assembly

    Speaker: Michaela Wimmerová

  • Thursday Dec 14, 2023

    NCBR Seminar
    • Jana Porubská: Trends in the quality of structures and bibliometrics of journals
    • Kamil Jelínek: Anotation of ligands in protein families
    • Róbert Šándor: Regulation of phosphorylation of neuronal MAP2c protein by GSK3 beta and the effect of phosphorylation on its interaction with apolipoprotein E3​​
  • Thursday Dec 21, 2023

    No seminar on this day

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